Julian Simioni


Software Development Lessons from the Apollo Program

RailsConf 2014 - The Sheraton Hotel - Chicago, IL - April 24th, 2014

A second iteration of my talk from MWRC, this time with an additional story regarding women in computing in the early 20th century. I actually think I gave an overall better talk at MWRC, but it was fun to be able to give the same talk a second time, and RailsConf was long and overwhelming, but incredibly fun.


Software Development Lessons from the Apollo Program

Mountain West Ruby Conference 2014 - The City Library - Salt Lake City, UT - March 21, 2014

A full-length talk describing the challenges faced by software developers writing code for the Apollo Guidance Computer in the 1960’s, how they overcame them with great success, and what we can learn from their experiences even as developers probably not writing code going to the moon.

The MWRC crowd was a great, small group and giving this talk was a blast.


You Too Can be a Web Server

RailsBridge Lighting Talks - Github - San Francisco, CA - December 4th, 2013

A 5 minute live-coding lightning talk exposing the inner workings of web browsers and web servers by hand writing HTTP requests and responses with netcat. As far as I know there’s no video from this event, and as a live-coding presentation there were no slides, but the Rails project is fun to look at.